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The artist open call for the Outsider Art Festival 2022 is over. There were a lot of applications – thank you to all applicants!

Applicants will be notified of artist selections by the end of March. The festival’s 2022 program will be announced in April.


Outsider Art Festival celebrates cultural equality and invites all artists in the field of outsider art to join the festival. OAF will be held in August 2022 as part of the Helsinki Festival.

Outsider Art Festival connects international art audiences, outsider artists, cultural professionals and influencers. Outsider Art Festival is a multi-disciplinary showcase festival in Helsinki and online. OAF showcases art that is made in the marginals of the society. OAF gives power to artists to make choices and define what is outsider art. OAF creates new space and encounters to bring diverse people together. Equally, side by side. 

OAF gives voice to the Finnish outsider artists by presenting a vibrant collection of music, visual arts, performing arts, films, literature and life stories. The full festival programme will be announced in April 2022.

In 2021 the festival hosted 11 live events and 10 online events that reached a total of 7,000 people. The events took place at Oodi Helsinki Central Library, HAM Helsinki Art Museum, G Livelab Helsinki, Kansalaistori Square, Music Centre, Hotel Klaus K, Pertti’s Choice (Pertin Valinta), Mad House Helsinki and Old Church. The festival was described as inspiring, diverse, entertaining, fresh and excellent.

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Join the Outsider Art Festival! Participants are selected by open call -submissions. The admission process is open 26.10. – 15.12.2021. All outsider artists living in Finland can apply. You can participate in one or more art field categories. The arts involved in the festival are film, performing arts, literature, music and visual arts.

You can apply by completing the application form below. Please read the terms and privacy policy carefully before submitting your application. The selection criteria  for individual art forms are explained in detail in the application forms.

NOTE! Open call has ended.

Artistic decisions and curating are made by the festival’s artistic team. The team consists of outsider artists and artistic mentors from the fields of music, visual arts, film, literature and performing arts. OAF is developing a model of inclusive curation that enables outsider artists to have equal involvement and influence in the arts field.

The team expects to receive experimental, bold and surprising submissions and fresh ideas. The artists are offered the chance to explore and answer the question: what is Finnish outsider art?

Please send all questions and other concerns regarding the festival and the open call to the production team. The selection team does not respond to questions concerning the selection process. Festival production is managed by Pertti’s Choice. Contact us by email: info@outsiderartfestival.fi. 

More information about last year’s festival: www.outsiderart.fi and watch aftermovie below.


The open call for a residency artist is over. Thank you to all applicants!

The selection of the residency artist will be made by the end of February 2022. 


Outsider Art Festival is looking for an international artist for artist residency. The admission process is open 1.11.-15.12.2021. Any insider or outsider artist can apply, regardless of their art field. The works of the residency artist will be showcased at the festival in 2022.

The duration of the residency is three month in total. It is possible to complete the work period either entirely in Finland, partly remotely and in Finland or completely remotely. The time of the work period can be decided by the artist. Please present a project plan and explain how you intend to use the 5,000€ budget (fee, travel, accommodation).

OAF is developing a model of inclusive curation that enables outsider artists to have equal involvement and influence in the arts field. OAF wants to be as flexible as possible in terms of implementation and gives the artist the freedom to implement the working period as they wish. The team expects to receive experimental, bold and surprising submissions and fresh ideas for the art residency.

NOTE! Open call has ended.

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