OAF Juliste 2023

OAF’s visual arts programme shows what is happening on the margins of the visual arts

What kind of outsider visual art will be made in Finland in 2023? OAF’s visual art programme will answer this question by spreading to Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Pertti’s Choice Gallery and the virtual gallery from 17 to 27 August.

The multimedia works draw on the artists’ personal experiences, delve into social phenomena, take a stand and, of course, touch, delight and surprise.

The exhibitions are curated by OAF’s visual art curators Maria Tani and Johanna Konttinen and mentors Jani Leinonen and Pekka Elomaa.

A staggering 101 applications were received for the Visual Arts programme this year. In the first phase, each member of the curatorial team independently selected their own favourites from the applications.

‘At first it seemed a bit overwhelming to choose the three best artists out of dozens, but in the end it was pretty clear whose work I liked the most’, says Maria Tani, for whom this was the first time as a curator.

Next, the choices were discussed among the working group, and the final decisions were made together. Tani says she is looking forward to ‘great artistic experiences’ at the festival.

The visual arts programme will also include the newest member of the OAF Academy, launched this year, self-taught visual artist Myrtillius Kauria.

The festival will feature Kauria’s newest collection of works called Modern Slavery, which deals with short-term jobs under precarious working conditions.

‘Exploitation or slavery in contemporary Finland means being forced into work for which the worker does not receive a living wage, but to which he or she is nonetheless bound without any latitude’, Kauria describes. ‘The life of the modern slave is about economic scraping and social exclusion, chronic experience of worthlessness and fear of next week, next month and next year’, she adds.

Read more about Myrtillus and the OAF Academy here.

The festival’s visual art programme will be on display at the Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Pertti’s Choice Gallery and the Virtual Gallery from 17 to 27 August (excluding Mondays). For more detailed opening hours and accessibility information, please click the following links: HAM’s website and the website of Pertti’s Choice.

Read more about the artists participating in OAF’s visual arts programme:  Alexandra Marina, Christelle Mas, Elina Hiekkavirta, Jaana Miettinen, Maija Pilvikki Kimanen, Myrtillius Kauria, Sähkökehto (Julius Jämsén), Mark & Potta (Tuija Markonsalo)

Admission to the exhibitions is free.