OAF X Karelian karaoke X Veneh movie

The karaoke event Karaoketiähti olet sinä! (in English: “You are the karaoke star!”) is coming to Helsinki! Come and sing karaoke in Karelian language at the Musiikkitalo – no worries, if you do not speak Karelian.

Karaoketiähti olet sinä! or Karaoke karjalakse is a diverse set of karaoke songs in Karelian language. The audience is joined by leading singers in performing new and old songs in Karelian dialects. The karaoke set was completed in 2021 as part of the Parempi pajot project, which promotes the status of the Karelian language and culture.

Before the karaoke starts, the short film Veneh is screened at the Mediawall. Veneh is the second part of a film trilogy in Karelian language directed by dance artist Jryki Haapala. The film thematises wedding celebrations and a girl’s transition to a bride. The duration of the film is approximately half an hour, after which the karaoke begins.

In collaboration with Mad House Helsinki, Musiikkitalo, ClearChannel, University of the Arts Helsinki and Revival of the multivocal Karelian language at UEF.

Artist page Jussi Sinkkonen

Artist page Jyrki Haapala

More information on Parempi pajot project (in Karelian and Finnish)

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Musiikkitalo’s Mediawall, Kansalaistori Square
The event is free of charge.
Karaoketähti olet sinä! - Karaoke karjalakse