OAF Virtual Gallery

The OAF Virtual Gallery opens on 12.8.2022. The OAF 2022 group exhibition highlights bravely proactive, surprisingly innovative materials and techniques. The topics range from everyday items to cosmic mystics. The artistic working methods vary from spontaneously free flow of conscience to detailed and skilled handicrafts.

The OAF 2022 group exhibition presents artworks by Aleksi Pietikäinen, Antti Mustaparta, Aryan Vandi, Joannis Clementides, Juhana Lehikoinen, Katya Troi, Maarit Hedman, Nick Alfred, Nikke Liinamaa, Päivi Plyhm ja Salla Karppanen.

The OAF Virtual Gallery is free of charge and open 24/7. Click yourself into the Virtual Gallery from here.

In collaboration with Arilyn and Welp Productions. The physical artworks are on display at the Helsinki Art Museum HAM and Pertti’s Choice 12.-22.8.2022. Artworks can be purchased at the Pertti’s Choice online shop.

OAF Virtual Gallery
The event is free of charge.
Aryan Vandi