OAF Talks: mirrored fatality’s meet and greet

Welcome to meet and greet, discuss, to have a communal potluck and to share a collective altar building ritual with this year’s artist-in-recidency, punk duo mirrored fatality!

Time: Friday, 25 August from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Place: Pertti’s Choice Gallery

For the mirrored fatality potluck & Q and A there will be opportunities to learn about The Outsider Art artists-in-residence: mirrored fatality’s ECOCIDE 3URTH biome, work and practice as farmers and artists, discuss and convene with one another across our intersections and practices, and share in a collective altar building ritual.

You are invited to bring the following with you:

*any item you would like to charge up our collective altar

*a picture (photograph or drawing) that you feel connected to in this moment

*an elemental offering [fire/water/earth/air] (i.e. a stone from the ground, some dirt, a part of a tree, etc.)

*anything you feel called to offer!

You can also bring soft drinks, snacks and/or anything else you would like to share with everyone.

register to the event by sending us a message at annamari (a) pertinvalinta.fi !

Mirrored Fatality 1080x1080