OAF Showcase event: Musical Microcosm

OAF music showcase event on Online stage and Pertti’s Choice Youtube channel on August 20th 7pm. OAF’s musical microcosm is explosive, peculiar, touching, absurd, and fearless. The stage will be filled with raw punk blues, world loving summer reggae, ghost schlagers and star gazing stage poetry. OAF proudly presents Aatos Ketvel, The Brandermen, Kari Aalto & Rastakarai and Delia st. Claire I.

OAF curators Miika Turunen and Sani Valoranta will introduce the artists and host Q&A’s.

The event is organised in collaboration with G Livelab Helsinki with the support of MES.

G Livelab Helsinki

The event is free of charge.
Aatos Ketvel