OAF showcase event: Film screening

OAF film screening will feature five short films by Kalevi Helvetti, New Yorkin Rutto (The Plague of New York), Aleksanteri Jaakkola, Look Who’s Screwed!, Neo Omapolku, Rauttis, kertomus vapaudesta (Rauttis, a story of freedom), Suvi Mononen, Sixs Breaths to Belonging and Mika Ruohola, Jännityksen voittaminen (Overcoming tension). The films can also be viewed online.

OAF film screening dives into the world of emotions, the core of humanity. Fear and tension, freedom and belonging are themes that everyone struggles with, but are rarely talked so openly and strongly. 

OAF curators Niklas & Joonas Nyholm and mentor Jukka Kärkkäinen will give introductions to the films and host Q&A after the event. More information about the event will be added to this page during the summer.


Kalevi Helvetti & Kalle Pajamaa: New Yorkin Rutto (The Plague of new York)

New York, January 2019. A deadly plague spreads into the city. Does Satan have his fingers in the game? Did Kalevi Helvetti predict the pandemic?

Artist introduction

Aleksanteri Jaakkola: Look Who’s Screwed!

An unemployed alcoholic finds out that a company offering a work trial is brainwashing and turning others like him into mutants. He must stop laziness and fight back.

Artist introduction

Neo Omapolku: Rauttis, kertomus vapaudesta (Rauttis, a story of freedom)

Rauttis tells a symbolic story of freedom under the yoke. Unconscious shackles of our lives and the prisons we live in are realized into an empowering story in which the main character takes control and breaks free. The film’s soundscape features a bird’s voice made by a young person who doesn’t speak.

Artist introduction

Suvi Mononen: Six Breaths to Belonging

Six Breaths to Belonging is an experimental, visual and poetic play about loosing a sense of belonging and cherishing the unknown. The inspiration for the film comes from bodily extremist experiences and time, when body and mind were no longer the same.

Artist introduction

Mika Ruohola: Jännityksen voittaminen (Overcoming tension)

The film tells about Mika, and how tense he feels as a media worker. Mika calls himself ‘the speaker of my mind’ in this film. “I tell you that I am insecure, confident and myself. The film was made at KiviMedia, where I work.”

Artist introduction

Oodi Helsinki Central Library, Kino Regina
The event is free of charge and pre-registration is required. Pre-registration opens on Monday 2.8.2021.
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