Ton Melnyk ja Masha Ravlyk Lukianova

OAF Resident Artists 2024 come from Ukraine!

The amazing OAF artists-in-residence for 2024 are Ton Melnyk and Masha Ravlyk Lukianova from Ukraine! 

Ton and Masha, who arrived in Finland as refugees in 2022, are queer feminists, activists and artists. They work in a variety of art forms including textile art, performance art, street art and video art. Collective work and the building of new communities is an important part of the duo’s artistic work. Ton’s and Masha’s work deals with war and minority exile, queer futures, the value of work, patriarchy and capitalism. 

“We often use artworks as tools to make political statements. And textiles are one of the best ways to do that. We are happy to share our knowledge of radical political textiles with anyone interested. As queer people who have experienced war and continue to experience it, we also want to open up the debate about war and minority migration.”

OAF warmly welcomes Ton and Masha to the OAF Residency Programme and the 2024 Festival!

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Ton’s and Masha’s Resew Co-operative project Instagram page.