OAF Musical Microcosm SATURDAY

The OAF Musical Microcosm is explosive, original, touching, ironic and fascinating. On Saturday, 20.8.2022, you get to groove to the rhythms of jazz and blues rock and to experience energetic grime.

Saturday, 20.8.2022, G Livelab

Attention! Change of lineup: Unfortunately, there has been a cancellation of Rudewolf’s gig. The lineup of the evening is Kalle Salonen Band, Sam Heat and Mc Cepari.

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No age limit.
Time: Doors at 18.00. Showtime 19.00.

For the Musical Microcosm on Thursday, 18.8.2022, see: OAF Musical Microcosm THURSDAY.

In collaboration with G Livelab Helsinki.

G Livelab Helsinki
There is an entrance fee for the event.
Tickets 12,50/22,50€
Kalle Salonen Band