OAF Literature

Literature program is realized as a mentoring program in collaboration with the publisher WSOY. The writers present their works during the festival at different events.

This year, the Outsider Art Festival’s literary programme can be enjoyed at OAF Stage at Espa Stage on Helsinki Day 12 June and during the festival at the National Museum and Radio Helsinki. On the Night of the Arts on 17 August, a joint stage of OAF and WSOY poets will take to the National Museum for the OAF Opening. Pertti’s Choice radio program at Radio Helsinki during the festival will feature new works from the OAF Literary Mentoring Programme workshops, read by journalists.

This year’s artists are Toivo Hauru, Mika Leminen, Liisa Marjatta Jokinen, Julius Kuusisaari, Jim Dahl and Eeva Lusenius.

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The event is free of charge.