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OAF Artists-in-Residence 2023 come from across the Atlantic!

Outsider Art Festival is pleased to offer foreign artists the opportunity to work in residence in Finland. The application period for the residency is open as a part of the OAF Open Call, and the works that are produced during the residency program are presented as a part of the festival. In 2023, we will have two artists, this time coming from the United States; the Filipino-American xenotransbinary multi art duo mirrored fatality. Kapampangan mirrored fatality consists of Samar and Mango who are in addition to being artists, also farmers.

mirrored fatality creates experimental performance art. Their work combines a large variety of artistic mediums and techniques, including noise, punk, spoken word, film and photography, various visual art techniques, and recycled materials. Through their art, they address human rights issues such as indigenous land rights, anti-imperialism and the prison abolition movement, and are aiming to connect and mobilize transnational communities.

In 2019, mirrored fatality did their first performance in Koreatown. Since then, they have toured extensively in California, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Thailand, and have organized DIY QTBIPOC art shows to raise funds for their work with art, community building, and healing justice practices. By publishing articles and giving lectures at various universities, they have also combined their artistic activity with the academic world.

At the Outsider Art Festival, mirrored fatality will perform their rituals and altars in the form of a multimedia installation performance ECOCIDE 3URTH.

The artists welcome you for an artist talk and Q+A at Pertin Valinta Art Studio for a community potluck, multimedia healing justice altar, and an in-depth exploration of mirrored fatality’s work, practice, and influences as Outsider Art Festival’s 2023 Artists in Residence. 

If joining the artist talk sparked your interest, don’t hesitate to contact us! Send an email to annamari(a)pertinvalinta.fi to receive detailed information about the event as soon as the date and time are confirmed.

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mirrored fatality at the Semifinal 24th of August

mirrored fatality’s “VALE” official video!