NEO OmaPolku team

The team from NEO Omapolku has made a film called Rauttis, a story of freedom. The team consists of Setlementti Tampere’s youth media workshop members. The idea for the film was born in Tampere’s Sorsa Park, when the group discussed about good and rich life while watching bird cages. “Do those birds know they’re in jail?” stated a young man. 

In the film, unconscious shackles of our lives and the prisons we live in are realized into an empowering story in which the main character takes control and breaks free. The film’s soundscape features a bird’s voice made by a young person who doesn’t speak.

Curators’ comment: The film is simple and has a strong impact. The metaphor and expression of the bird brings to this story reflects human rights and freedom, making it feel  important and touching.

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