Mark & Potta

Mark & Potta are Tuija Markonsalo‘s alter ego. Mark & Potta were born from the inability to decide between making hilariously manic art full of bursting colours and art that wallows in deep dark waters and scowls in anxious thoughts. When one artist becomes two, one doesn’t have to decide: instead it becomes possible to work in both extremes or somewhere inbetween.

At the festival, Mark & Potta present a collection of works that portray the more colourful side of the artist.

Mark & Potta are not committed to any particular material or technique. They use all available means in their art, and their works often take the form of collage. Craftsmanship and the personal style doing things with hands are very important part of Mark & Potta’s art.

Curators comments: “Mark & Potta’s rich collection of works is as colorful as a candy store. Mesmerizing materials and textures build up a multi-faceted weave that retains it´s secrets. There is a lot of depth in these works.”