Maarit Hedman

Maarit Hedman

Maarit Hedman (b.1967) is a visual artist and art teacher from Espoo with a visual impairment. Hedman graduated from the Applied University of Art and Design in 1994 with a Master’s degree in art. Since becoming blind in 1998, Maarit Hedman has painted mainly using fingers. The central parts of Hedman’s working practice are touching, inner fantasies and a multisensory experience. For Hedman, painting has always been the most natural way of self-expression. The artist describes the act of painting as a leap into the unknown. It is a transition to a state where Hedman moves only on an inner instinct. “Because of my blindness, I can see the work in process only with my inner eyes, and that is why the birth of every painting is miraculous to me.” Through this artistic work, Hedman wants to encourage others to conquer and overcome various obstacles towards creativity: “Art gives, carries and repairs.”

Maarit Hedman is a member of both the Finnish Painters’ Union and the Espoo Artists’ Guild. Hedman has held 19 solo exhibitions. In addition, Hedman has participated in almost 50 group exhibitions both in Finland and abroad. Hedman’s works have been exhibited in Kiasma’s back window, Vantaa Art Museum Artsi, the Emil Cedercreutz Museum and Gallery Aarn.

OAF curators’ comments: “Maarit Hedman’s colorful paintings are created in an interesting, very physical process. In spite of the artist’s visual impairment, Maarit’s technique and mixing of colors are excellent.”

Hedman’s works are shown at the Group Exhibition at HAM and the Virtual Gallery. Hedman takes part in the OAF X Hospital Nove conversational program on Fri 19.8. at 16-17 at HAM Corner. More information:

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