Keuhkot -projektin kuva. Mies soittaa torvea hakkuuaukealla.


Keuhkot is a 1988 established project against dull and stale culture. Keuhkot doesn’t pretend, doesn’t expect awards and is ruthless for it’s creator, Kake Puhuu. Project itself is more important than it’s creator and sometimes it steamrolls over creator in order to be finished. Free art breathes and lives by its own. Artist is just a craftsman, workman, janitor and sometimes, musician.

Curators comments: “The legendary undeground group Keuhkot have made the world a weirder place for several decades already. When attending their live performances you can never be sure whether you’re witnessing a performance art piece, a ritual or a music concert. But the action is guaranteed to be extremely intense and strange. Listening to Keuhkot makes you feel odd and it feels amazing!”