Kalle Salonen Band

Kalle Salonen Band

Kalle Salonen is a Finnish groove jazz musician whose main instrument is the Hammond organ. Over the years, Salonen has hosted the Hammond Club at Bar Loose and the late Elmu venue in Nosturi, Helsinki. Salonen has also worked as a radio show organist at Radio Helsinki.

Kalle Salonen Band takes influences from funk, jazz and rhythm and blues. Salonen leads the band with strong composing skills and an unfailing sense of musical style. Salonen’s endless love of music drives the artist forward to create dedicated music across genre boundaries. The band has released two long plays: Cat Slide and Barracuda Man.

OAF curators’ comments: “Kalle Salonen has great jazz and blues-rock compositions and a talented orchestra which has released two records. Uncontrollable as a live gig!”

Kalle Salonen Band’s concert is on Saturday 20.8.2022 at G Livelab Helsinki. More information:

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