Jukka Nevalainen

Jukka Nevalainen is a docent of astronomy who works in the University of Helsinki. During the day, that is. At night he shuttles between the worlds of science and art like a psychic and brings cosmic messages from beyond space and science. He performs the messages in the form of stage poetry and music. 

At the festival Nevalainen performs his Komiset Säkeet (Cosmic Verses) performance. Texts depict the cosmic battle between dark matter and dark energy and ponder the place of man in the universe. The soundscape of the performance has been created with the help of Juha Kuittinen (guitar), Marco Kosonen (trumpet), Aarno Paakkari (piano), Marko Manninen (cello) and Tuomas Alatalo (synthesizer). 

Curators comments: “The art of Jukka Nevalainen is an exemplary tour de force in popularizing the science of astronomy in a way that is easily understandable and entertaining. The astronomer who throws himself into performance art and music is a delightful concept on its own, let alone live at the Outsider Art Festival!”