Jim Dahl

Jim Dahl, also known as Ollipekka Laakso, is a writer from Helsinki who has released tens of texts in different publications in Finland and abroad. At the festival Dahl will perform takes from his fictional autobiography called Huominen oli eilen (Tomorrow was yesterday). Huominen oli eilen is a fragmented book about writing that utilizes metafiction. The book comprises of prose, drama, non-fiction and poetry. It deals with physical and mental recovery after a serious illness. 

Dahl has studied writing in the universities of Jyväskylä and Turku. He has directed creative writing groups for seven years. At the moment he works as a hockey journalist in Jatkoaika web magazine. 

The web page of the book Huominen oli eilen

Curators comments: “Jim Dahl is an interesting writer with a broad skillset who writes convincingly about his experiences and difficulties. Dahl’s texts create their own peculiar rules unlike any known literature that we are familiar with. Despite being eccentric and original, the texts are written in beautiful fluent prose that is a pleasure to read.”