Jaana Miettinen

Jaana Miettinen is a visual artist who currently works in the Studio Viis -kollektiivi in Lahti. She is a multi-tech artist. She both paints and sculpts and uses recycled materials in her work. Jaana’s art works often feature wolves, pokemons, and other mystical figures and phenomenas. Jaana’s Musta Vartija (Black guardian) sculpture is part of the group exhibition and has become a mascot for the 2021 festival. “The wolf has been my soul animal since childhood and it depicts me with the word ´misunderstood´. Things are not always what they look like from the outside. 

Curators’ comment: Jaana Miettinen’s artworks feature a variety of popular animal characters who could be friends with characters created by Pokemon or Rodney Alan Greenblat. Jaana’s artworks feature fascinating details and high technical skills. Jaana has a fresh and joyful grip that conveys well from the pieces.

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