Greger Grönholm

Greger Grönholm

Greger Grönholm is a 50-year-old artist from Karjaa, originally an artesan graphic. Greger has had several exhibitions (1996-), one of the most recent in Moscow at the Kotar Fest (2019). Greger describes his style as outsider art or punk art and uses a variety of techniques in his work (horrorvacui / mixedmedia / collage art / acrylicpainting). 

Greger’s style is far-reaching and recognizable, he has his own collectors and lots of followers on Instagram (@fuckupart). He describes his art as follows: “My art is a pure attack on fabric or paper. I don’t follow any trends and no art nonsense on it, but the art I make is the state of being in that moment. In short, fuck the rules! ”

Curators’ comment: Greger Grönholm’s dramatic paintings are full of colors. The paintings come to mind Mexican Day of the Death combined with paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Grönholm’s strong and clear-lined paintings bring out the full spectrum of life, from birth to death.

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