Finnish outsider music at G Livelab

In August, OAF will be serving a great selection of Finnish outsider music at G Livelab! On Wednesday 23.8., MC Koo, Mika Hagman, Grandefinale and Loiriplukari will take over the stage. Tickets 18/12€. Doors at 19, showtime at 19.30.

MC Koo, real name Kalle Havumäki, is a Helsinki-based rap artist, media personality and radio journalist. He has been making music under the name MC Koo with all his heart for 14 years. MC Koo’s gigs are full of energy and the fireworks of good vibes only stop when the last song is played. In addition to the maestro himself, the artist’s live act includes vocalist Lilli Aro and DJ and doubler Lossi T.

Mika Hagman is a musician and visual artist who has been making music since the 1980s. Hagman is a fan of keyboard-based music and has been learning the alphabet of piano since before he was in school. He writes his own songs and is currently practising with a band group in Resonaari. At the show, Hagman will perform a selection of new and old songs from his years of performing. There will be intense rocking and grooving spiced up with eccentrically humorous lyrics about city rabbits, for example.

The five-piece Grandefinale plays Finnish pop-rock with electronic nuances and takes influences from many genres. The band’s distinctive sound is created by a vocoder and a drum machine in addition to more traditional band instruments. The band consists of Vili Rosti (keyboards), Adrian Ronkainen (bass), Amanda Purokuru (vocals), Niina Nousiainen (guitar) and Riku Gardziella (drums).

Loiriplukari is the stage name of artist Kalle Taivainen, which combines music, visuals, diary texts and stand-up. Loiriplukari is an artful and warm, but totally not serious tribute to the late artist Vesa-Matti Loiri. Loiriplukari has performed at Flow Festival, Blue Sea Film Festival, KOM Theatre and Linna Theatre, among others, as well as at various music clubs, theatres and private parties.

G Livelab follows the principles of safer space. There is a wheelchair ramp at the door, and the club has a toilet for disabled people and a lift down to the toilets. Wheelchair access allows you to get close to the stage and have a great view of the show. Assistants are admitted free of charge to the gigs.

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