Excitement stirring behind the scenes of the Performing Arts Program

OAF’s Performing Arts Program is an all-round cocktail, serving many different flavors. This year, the program of performing arts can be enjoyed at the Finnish National Museum, G Livelab and at the Central Library Oodi, as music, spoken word, theater and dance take on the stage!

In this year’s program are the artists Jukka Nevalainen with his stage poetry, Vautsi theater group with their drama, Loiriplukari with his music, Mikko Lautiainen with his performance arts and Dance group Ihanat with their dance piece. The curators of the performing arts program of the year 2023 have been Mika Hagman together with mentor Heidi Backström.

Theater group Vautsi, active since 2008, is a group consisting of people on the autism spectrum. The theater group’s purpose is to create high-level theater as well as increase the awareness of autism in the society. To OAF the theater group Vautsi will bring a premiere of their newest play Toivorikkaita väärinymmärryksiä (Hopeful misunderstandings).

The director of the group, Mirjami Iho, shares how working with the group has been a great pleasure. “The ability of the actors to immerse into the characters is absolutely phenomenal”, Iho rejoices and shares how working with the play in hand started at the end of the year 2022. “Actors and I have been working hand in hand creating the play together. Expect to see hilarious moments and special encounters, where even collisions are inevitable!”

The performers of the theater group Vautsi tell OAF that the atmosphere is good and excited. “It is amazing to be a part of the OAF festival and to be able to express oneself,” say the performers. “We too have opportunities, as long as those are made possible to us. From our performance you can expect originality and young talents, who could also be hired for other theater productions,” hint the performers.

“It’s a great honor for our group to perform at the OAF,” director Iho adds, and says that the Theater Group Vautsi is absolutely delighted to get to be a part of such a socially significant festival!

The Finnish National Museum, 17.8. (OAF Opening):

Jukka Nevalainen: Kosmiset säkeet. Duration 30 min.

Theater group Vautsi: Toivorikkaita väärinymmärryksiä. Duration 30 min.

Mikko Lautiainen: Minä olen maailma. Duration approx. 15 min.

G Livelab, 23.8. doors at 19:00 (OAF x G Livelab):


Oodi Central Library, Saarikoskimatto 27.8. at 3:00 p.m. 

Dance Group Ihanat: Muotokuvia – Portraits. Duration 30-40 min.

The events are accessible.

Read more of the artists: Theater Group Vautsi, Dance Group Ihanat, Mikko Lautiainen, Loiriplukari ja Jukka Nevalainen.