Eeva Lusenius

Eeva Lusenius is a singer and a songwriter whose songs deal with everyday phenomena with a big heart and bubbly humor. The texts of the songs describe the life of a visually impaired person with great insightfulness. The texts are filled to the brim with things that evoke good vibes and pleasant sounds like nuggets and kärchers. Sometimes people’s hands are cold but that isn’t too bad because Lusenius and her art never leaves you cold!

Lusenius works at the music workshop of Lyhty ry and she studies in the music school of Resonaari. She performs as the singer and the pianist of the children’s music band Hassut tassut with her trusted drummer Toni Välitalo from Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät. She also performs as the keyboardist and back up singer of the band Kari Aalto Rastakarai

Curators comments: “The performances of Eeva Lusenius bring together musical talent and exhilaratingly humoristic observations of everyday life.”