Christelle Mas

Christelle Mas a visual artist who was born in France but who lives and works in Oulu, Finland. She has graduated from the University of Sorbonne, Paris. Mas works with multiple mediums by combining photography with drawings and installations. To the festival Mas brings a collection of sculpture-like photocollages called Living Codes. For Living Codes Mas has used 3D microscopes of University of Oulu’s Biocenter to shoot samples of snakes, insects and other animals.  

In her art Mas explores the concept of truth in relation to photography and bends the limits of photography as a medium. Her works create enthralling worlds where science and mythology, natural and artificial intertwine into each other. Her works explore the future, its unexpected possibilities and the effect that technological advancement has on humans. Mas has had many exhibitions in Finland and abroad. 

Curators comments: “The futuristic collages of Mas conjure a strange alien world in front of our eyes. Graceful palette of colors, mysterious materials and mesmerizing details will linger in one’s mind for a long time.”