OAF Popup event

Welcome to the Outsider Art Festival (OAF) popup! Get ready for a warmhearted after work celebration of true equality with a special collection of Finnish outsider arts, art projects and artists. Outsider Art Festival (OAF) popup features a private view of the new OAF virtual gallery space and group exhibition, along with talks from the […]

OAF Talks: True Equality in the music industry?

Kari Aalto

Outsider Art Festival and Finnish Musicians Union are organizing a panel discussion on Friday, August 20th, on 4 pm. The topic of the discussion is equality in the music industry as well as theses for promoting equality, non-discrimination and diversity in the music sector. What kind of work in the music sector has recently been […]

Surussa soi (Sounds of Sadness) – Karelian lamentation

Outsider Art Festival presents Karelian lamentation performed by Riitta Talvio and Aituiset. There is tradition, culture, and sophistication in lamentation! The predecessor for lamentation is in crying with voice, with is a Karelian way of expressing emotions and words. You get to experience the Surussa soi -show in Vanha kirkko on Sunday 22nd of August […]

OAF Workshops and artist meet & greet

Ohjelma työpajat ja taitelilijatapaamiset

Outsider Art Festival’s workshops and artist meet & greet bring the audiences into the world of outsider art and artists. Workshops and artist meet & greet are held on the 21st and 22nd of August 2021 13-16 o’clock. OAF performing arts showcase’s artists are participating in the events. Saturday 21.8 1-2:30 pm Animal Fantasy At […]

OAF Showcase event: Performing arts


The event tackles themes of good and evil, adventures and the complexity of masculinity through martial improvisation, circus art and dracula spices. Pyrokratia, Haaponiemi & Lillhonga and Kalevi + Dassum = Kalevi Helvetti Bigband will be performing at the event. OAF curators Matias Salminen and Henri Kemppainen will introduce the artist. The performance will be […]

OAF DiskoBox

Ohjelma DiscoBox

NB! THE EVENT IS POSTPONED. If possible, we will organize a DiskoBox event at next year’s festival. DiskoBox is an installation piece where the viewer can enjoy the music curated by the OAF team, lights and their own dance safely, without the crowds of dance floors.  The event is organised in collaboration with Vilhelmiina Sinervo, […]

OAF Showcase event: Musical Microcosm

Aatos Ketvel

OAF music showcase event on Online stage and Pertti’s Choice Youtube channel on August 20th 7pm. OAF’s musical microcosm is explosive, peculiar, touching, absurd, and fearless. The stage will be filled with raw punk blues, world loving summer reggae, ghost schlagers and star gazing stage poetry. OAF proudly presents Aatos Ketvel, The Brandermen, Kari Aalto […]

OAF Open Stage

Ohjelma Open Stage

NB! THE EVENT IS POSTPONED. Artists selected for the Open Stage will perform at the festival opening ceremony, VIP event and Old Church. If possible, we will organize Open stage event at next year’s festival.  The OAF Open Stage presents interesting discussions and performances. The event will be opened by Riitta Talvio with the premiere […]

OAF Showcase event: Visual arts group exhibition

Satu Nekala

The OAF 2021 group exhibition highlights imaginative, curious, brave and misunderstood artists, wolves, Elvises and Samantha Foxes. No need to follow trends and artwork – fuck the rules! The OAF exhibition shows what is important and what is not talked about. A mere glance is not always enough, and things are not always what they […]

OAF Showcase event: Dance Performance of Vanaja Women’s Prison

Vanajan vankila prisondance

Vanaja Women’s Prison video performance invites the festival audience to dance with the prisoners. This unique art project is one of the key works in OAF program. It has inspired the whole OAF artistic team, but also other European prisons. Find out more here!  In collaboration with MCDanze, choreography Tea Geitel & Hannakaisa Länsisalmi, visuals […]