OAF X Hotel Klaus K

OAF X Klaus K

Hotel Klaus K is the official accommodation of the Outsider Art Festival 12.-21.8.2022. By staying at the hotel, you also acquire special festival benefits! Click here for more information and to reserve your own accommodation package. In collaboration with Hotel Klaus K and the True Equality partners.

OAF Talks

Niklas ja Joonas Nyholm

The OAF Talks are a series of conversations with the festival artist, curators and the artistic mentors. The Talks program is held at HAM Corner and Radio Helsinki. You can look forward to conversations, interviews and introductions to films, performing arts, literature, music and visual arts. Thu 11.8. at 16.00-17.00: Film: curators Joonas and Niklas […]

OAF Art Sales

Maarit Hedman

The OAF Art Sales includes a collection of art, music and artistic products created by the festival artists. The art and products are sold at the Pertti’s Choice online shop. The artworks are on display at the group exhibitions at Pertti’s Choice Gallery and the Helsinki Art Museum HAM as well as at the OAF […]

OAF Info

OAF Info

The OAF festival guides lead the audience to the festival art and to experiential city tours. The festival info is situated in the lobby of the Central Library Oodi during the festival weekends 12.-14.8.2022 and 17.8.-20.8.2022. Working groups from Pertti’s Choice, the Autism Foundation and Kukunori as well as Helsinkian youngsters employed through Job’d:in work […]

OAF Virtual Gallery

Aryan Vandi

Part of the physically presented artworks of the exhibitions are also shown at the Virtual Gallery. In addition, the virtual gallery includes works that are presented only online. Experience paintings, drawings, films and performing arts. The variety of topics ranges from politics to self-portraits, from comics to expressive colors, from social media to underwater worlds. […]

OAF Online Stage

Li Taiga ja Jenni Österlund

You can also follow the OAF program remotely on the Online Stage. There, you find, for example, the OAF films and the OAF Virtual Gallery. OAF Online Stage opens on 12.8.2022.

OAF Group Exhibition at Pertti’s Choice Gallery

Juhana Lehikoinen

The Group Exhibition at Pertti’s Choice Gallery presents artworks by Aleksi Pietikäinen, Antti Mustaparta, Joannis Clementides, Juhana Lehikoinen, Katya Troi and OAF residency artist Malin Karlsson. In this exhibition, you can get acquainted with, for example, ceramic face masks, peculiar human figures, famous singers, insects bent from iron wire, and Finnish underground art and culture. […]

OAF Group Exhibition at HAM

Päivi Plyhm

The Group Exhibition at Helsinki Art Museum HAM presents artworks by Maarit Hedman, Nick Alfred, Nikke Liinamaa, Panu “Prinssi” Palm, Päivi Plyhm, Salla Karppanen, Valtteri Kleemola and Satu and Maria Tani. Through these artworks, inner and even cosmic worlds become visible. The exhibition mirrors reality and emotional experience, sometimes even with a slice of humor […]